Sunday, May 24, 2009


The month of May has been crazy busy. Here are some pictures from this month.

Here is my sweet baby Jacob sleeping in his crib. These are a couple of shots taken when we were out in the front yard.

Oh look at this chunky monkey!

Wow. He IS his father's son. I think it's a little riduculous how much he looks like Daddy.

Here are a few pics of me and my boys hangin' out outside.

Daddy and John Thomas playing catch.

Here are a couple of shots from one of John Thomas' games. He is an absolute superstar. He loves baseball, and really looks forward to his games and his practices.
Ummm...yeah. That's my boy.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Many Pics and No Time to Blog!!!

I know, I know, HIS HAIR IS TOO LONG!! Well guess what...we finally gave in! This picture was taken on Saturday night and we got it cut on Sunday night. I'll post a new pic of him soon.

Oh what a pretty baby.

John Thomas with a friend at the park.
Mommy and Jacob at the park.
Daddy and Jacob at the park.

Here is Mark teaching John Thomas' friend Brandon how to hold the bat. My hubby the coach!
John Thomas scratching his a** in the outfield.

John Thomas, Christian, and Frank Aaron in New Jersey. Mark wanted to know why the heck John Thomas was wearing a K State hoodie.

These are pics from the boys' "camping trip" in the front yard of Vero's house. The sticks on the left is the firewood they collected for their campfire.
I guess John Thomas was sleeping in after a long night of scary ghost stories and too many Bud Lights.

Vero made me promise not to post this picture because of Frank Aaron's crazy hair but I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter, Fughettaboutit, and 1st NJ pics

I know everything being underlined is REALLY annoying. I don't know how it happened and I don't know how to remove it!!

Finally! We are in New Jersey! We've been so looking forward to coming to visit Vero and the kids and we're finally here. When we were getting ready to leave for the airport on Monday morning, Mark taught John Thomas to say that he was going to, "Jersey. Fughettaboutit." So needless to say when we arrived his saying was welcomed with lots of laughs by Tia Vero and the kids. Here he is at the airport asking repeatedly, "Is that our aiplane? Is that our airplane?"

These are a few pids of Jacob on Easter. He was so cute! John Thomas was really cute too and it wasn't until now that it occured to me that we didn't get any shots of him. What a bad parent!

John Thomas was really funny on Easter though. I put the Peter Rabbit book in the diaper bag when we went to Mass in case he needed something to do. When we got there it was very packed and we could only stand in the aisles. Well John Thomas decided about half way through that he wanted to read the book and as he looked through each page he fanned the book as if to show the entire congregation that Peter Rabbit couldn't get out of the garden. He wasn't doing it to be funny either. It's how Marge reads books to the class so I think he just figures that's how books are read.

John Thomas and Christian are getting along really well. Frank Aaron was at a friend's house when Vero picked us up at the airport and he went over to a different friend's house today (I know, he's so social, and he just moved to here!) so John Thomas and Christian have had more of a chance to play. They're closer in age too, so it's no surprise that these primos get along great, although it looks like Christian's wondering who the heck John Thomas is.
Hard to believe, but yes, they are blood related.

I know you can't see what they have in their hands very well, but I couldn't pass up the photo op. John Thomas came up with a little bag of Jelly Beans, like literally 5 Jelly Beans, that came inside an Easter egg asking if I would open it so that he and Christian could share them. Well Christian pulled out his own bag of Jelly Beans. Actually it was more like a sack. John Thomas was trumped. I told him what a "one-upper" is today.
I was trying to get ready to sit down and blog but someone beat me to the chair. Maxi, or Lexi. Actually her name is Maxi, but I used to call her Lexi ALL the time because Vero and Frank's first dog's name was Lexi. I think they actually LIKE Maxi though.
And here is Frank Aaron. I can't believe he is so grown up. I think he looks just like Frank here, but I do see a lot of Vero in him. Obviously his social status comes from her, as well as his caramel-colored eyes.
More later. We're off to watch American Idol!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bulldogs, Jacob, and Number Freak!

I'm finally back on my computer, well sort of... My computer got infected with the famous Con Ficker virus the week before April Fools Day and I've been dealing with virus pop-ups every 60 seconds or so. It's been really miserable doing anything on it, which is why I haven't added anything in a while.

We got John Thomas' baseball uniform today and he wouldn't take it off. We think he's SO cute! I think we might even take it Tia Vero's on Monday. She said we'd be going to a couple of Christian and Frank Aaron's baseball games so John Thomas just might have to REPRESENT the Bulldogs! His shirt is a little big, but we hope it'll shrink in the wash. And, of course, I had to order a shirt for me too. Mark says that I'm just going to embarrass them but I say it's not fair that Daddy and John Thomas get to wear one and I don't (Mark is a coach and gets a shirt for free). I know that I'm going to be that mom. Oh, and they sell beer at the park where they play. I'm definitely going to be that mom.

These are some shots I took of Jacob this week. Look at his belly!! He's definitely not missing any meals.
Look at his eyes! I will be really surprised if his eyes turn out to be anything but brown. Although both Mark's and my eyes are a lighter brown, they are definitely brown. They just look really light here! Pawpaw has blue eyes though. Maybe, just maybe they'll stay blue.

We've been trying to get Jacob to sleep longer at night just because it's so hard for me to get going in the mornings after being up half the night feeding and trying to get him back to sleep. So we've been giving him a bottle with half pumped milk and half formula for his last feeding of the night because I've been told that formula fills baby's tummies up more. Well John Thomas is doing his part to help. I guess no one told him that Jacob won't run away if he releases his grip on his head.

Since we can remember, John Thomas has been totally obsessed with numbers. Every morning on the way to school he comments on the temperature and wants to see how many miles are left before the truck is out of gas. He understands the concept of money pretty well, at least he knows to pick bills with bigger numbers on them. He'll repeat the phone numbers at the end of the ambulance-chaser commercials, and always wants to know old people are, and he remembers!! I overheard him telling a classmate that his Daddy is 33, his Mommy is 32, and his Daddy Steve is 41. He also loves to keep score of sporting events on TV, and he remembers the scores of the sporting events we've been to live, like the Astros v. Cardinals game LAST summer. Well he's been working on this number chart at school and told me that he really wanted to write his numbers. I printed some charts off the internet and when we went to check on him after he'd gone to bed this is what we found.

We think he's brilliant!
So just a couple more days and we'll be in New Jersey! I am so excited to get to visit Vero and the boys. Boarding the plane with the boys is going to be a challenge I'm sure! But I know John Thomas will be a great help. I just can't wait!!! I'll be sure to have the camera so that I can post some pics from the trip. Until then...